How to install GreenFusion

GreenFusion is a collection of files that are packaged in a Zip folder.  Once downloaded you need to un-zip it to a directory of your choice.  Once this is done the program is ready to run.  The application comes with some default knowledge preinstalled. This means it will usually give vague or evasive answers to your questions. This is normal.  The AI understand you only partially, and  therefore responds vaguely, or takes wild guesses. In order to create a unique AI personality you would need to add desired knowledge to its mindfile. This is the mindfile.txt    I recommend Notepad++ for editing it.  Chose any programming language to highlight syntax.  I used Ada, because it is near the top.

The other file that you will want to edit is plugins.txt  This file expands the meaning of words, for example  (adj-pos) contains various positive adjectives, like nice, good, fine etc.  So a keyphrase like:  What a (adj-pos) day   would enable the AI to understand you when you type: "what a lovely day", "what a great day" and any other terms you may wish to specify within the (adj-pos) plugin.  mindfile and plugins constitute a unique personality of the AI. Keeping a backup copies is highly recommended. When upgrading to a new version of the application replace the mindfile.txt and plugins.txt that come with the new version with your own files. This is all that is required to migrate your AI assistant to a new version.

There are also restrictedMindfile.txt and restrictedPlugins.txt  These files are empty and their purpose it to enable you, the botmaster, to keep mature and adult only content separate from the general knowledge files. If you wish to have naughty chats with your AI, these files are the ones to edit with appropriate keyphrases and plugins.  If you want to show your AI agent to your niece, you can temporarily remove the restricted files to another folder. You should also remove chatlog.txt and memory.json

This page contains only a short user guide. Please read the full tutorial here.

It is best if you do not edit other files unless you really know what you are doing. 

Download the GreenFusion below:

GreenFusion 2 is finally here!

After a year of coding we produced a radically different version: it runs on node.js server and unlike version 1, it can be hosted online, and it can talk on multiple channels. There is a separate session object for every unique IP/browser combination. The node.js server creates a separate folder for each user containing a separate chatlog.txt and memory.json

Please note: the download is hosted on the dropbox now.

Demo videos can be seen here:

Demo videos

Click here to Download Green Fusion v.

v. (release003v27) change log: several bugs fixed; voice input and output functions added. This is an alpha release. It has not been extensively tested, so some bugs are possible. Not all keyphrases imported from Personality Forge are guaranteed to work, and there can be formatting issues with mindfiles exported by the PF export function. Copying them to Ms Word and back into a new text file usually clears the problem.

Click here to Download Green Fusion v.

v. change log: several bugs fixed; emo debug added for developers; poetry-writing function added. This is an alpha release. It has not been extensively tested, so some bugs are possible.

Click here to Download Green Fusion v.

v. change log: default knowledge base had been expanded, and display bug in WIN7 fixed, plus other minor bugfixes

Click here to Download Green Fusion v.

v. change log: default knowledge base had been expanded, and three bug-fixes: Ajax background search was restored, internal redirection enhanced, and image support enabled - now it is possible to include images in bot responces.

Click here to Download Green Fusion v.

v. change log: default knowledge base had been expanded

Click here to Download Green Fusion v.

How to use GreenFusion

(The below installation instructions are for GreenFusion1  only. For GreenFusion2 please refer to "ReadMe.html" file included in the downloadable Zip folder)

Once downloaded and extracted, open the greenFusion folder and double click greenfusion.hta to run.  

Known issue: on some computers the security system does not like .hta applications downloaded from the internet.  It may give an alert - access denied, do you wish to continue running scripts? This is because the application attempts to compare it's version with the version number hosted on this server via Ajax. To overcome this and also to enable background Internet search it is recommended that you scan the GreenFusion folder with your antivirus program, and then:

1. Rename the  greenfusion.hta as  greenfusionOLD.hta

2. Open the greenfusionOLD.hta as a text file 

2. Copy the code there with CTR+A and CTR+C into a new text file 

4. Call it greenfusion and save with a .hta extension

Now the application has permission to access the Internet.  Of course permitting random executable files downloaded from the Internet is inherently unsafe, so do this at your own risk.  But the so-called apps written in Java that people run on their smartphones can do the same thing...  Except GreenFusion is open source and you can look up any line of code, as it is all human-readable unlike compiled apps...

(the above is installation instructions are relevant for GreenFusion1 only -- please read the readMe.html for GreenFusion2)

Short user guide

Lets chat  [0,0]

    I am always happy to chat with you! You seem so upbeat today.  [2:5]

    Ok, lets chat. [-2:1]

    Ok, lets chat, tell me what is troubling you today?  [-5:-3]

Now, all these numbers in square brackets are a little confusing.  But bear with me and all will be revealed.  "Lets chat" is a keyphrase or user input. It will match a sentence that contains these two words.  For example, "And now lets chat about football".  The mysterious [0,0] after the keyphrase are ranking and emotional change. The number in red is the emotional change. If you want your AI agent to get a positive increase of emotion when a football is mentioned you can do this.

Lets chat about football [0,1]  -- the emotional state will increase by 1 point.

The 0 in [0,1 is the keyphrase ranking. The ranking can be any number from -100 to 100. The ranking helps the AI engine to select one keyphrase from several possible candidates. If there are two possible keyphrases:

You are so (adj-pos)  [0,0] and 

You are so nice  [1,0]  -- then the second one will be selected because it has higher ranking.

The three indented lines below are responses. The responses are indented with a tab key*. As you can see they are very different responses.  This is because the AI Agent has 10 possible emotional states: from -5 to 5.  This is in a stark contrast to most other conversational agents that would always say the same thing, no matter how rude you have been to it before. You can therefore enable the program to have 10 different responses depending on its emotional state: from ecstatic to hostile. Emotional states are managed internally as the AI engine analyzes input/output for emotional content and adjusts emotional states automatically.  So if you give the AI Agent bad vibes, it will start feeling sad quite rapidly.  You can also specify emotional change for any input.  You can specify any number from -5 to 5... 

Lets chat about work [0,-5]  would make the AI very upset if work is mentioned.

*Response lines must be indented with a tab key.  This somewhat Pytonescue syntax is used to maintain compatibility with Personality Forge. Only tabs are accepted, do not use four spaces instead of a tab. 

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